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Mum's the word

Mums are amazing, aren’t they? With Mother’s Day just around the corner (Sunday 22nd March – a little reminder for you!), we thought we’d share our top picks for fresh blooms and green-fingered gifts.

In addition to colourful spring-time tubs and gorgeous garden plants, we have a great selection of new sundries stock that’s perfect for fresh flower arranging or creating a thoughtful gift for the garden.

After the dreary winter that we’ve had, there’s nothing better than seeing cheerful and colourful flowers outside in the garden. What’s more, the great thing about gifting Mum with garden plants is that she can enjoy them year after year and are therefore a great alternative to fresh flowers.

But outdoor plants aren’t for all! We have a fantastic selection of fresh flowers available for gift bouquets, floral arrangements and more.

Our Ecuadorian and Colombian flowers are available at a fixed price, meaning that you can reap exceptional quality with great value, avoiding the pressure and fluctuating prices of the Dutch auctions.

If you have any questions about Mother’s Day stock, please contact us and we will be happy to assist. Telephone: 01923 264463



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