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Plan Ahead

With further changes made to the import rules and regulations for flowers and plants, there's now even more reason to plan ahead when thinking about your order.

Paperwork requirements mean that the window of opportunity has been reduced, with the online Web Shop now closing at 10am each day; and while we are working tirelessly with our exporters/growers to continue to provide the same level of quality and variety to our customers, allowing extra time will in turn benefit you and your order.

Ordering up to 10 days in advance allows us to selectively source flower varieties and deliver better quality and exceptional value from those further afield, like our Ecuadorian and Columbian suppliers. It also allows ample time for any paperwork from our EU suppliers, to be managed as soon as possible, lessening the chance of delays in distribution.

We are always on hand to assist with your order and offer advice, so please do contact us with any questions or queries you might have.

Tel: 01923 264463



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