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Roses are red

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and this year, in addition to our normal selection of large coloured roses, we’re going to be offering beautiful Ecuadorian and Colombian red roses that are guaranteed flower to convey true everlasting love.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality fresh flowers and so our search for the perfect roses started back in November of last year. Working with our trusted growers, we carefully selected the best red roses that, with care, stand longer and bloom better than other rose varieties – giving you peace of mind with every romantic flower arrangement that you create.

Say hello to our three show-stopping Valentine’s Day roses, each with large, cup-shaped blooms and a gorgeous velvety texture:

If you’re seeking roses with a shorter stem length and greater colour variety, we’ll be stocking a selection of Ecuadorian, Colombian and Dutch favourites.

So, if you love what you see, contact us to discuss your Valentine’s Day requirements and we’ll be happy to help.



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